Wednesday, December 29, 2010


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Congratulations to Malaysia Football Player for winning through aggregate 4-2 against Indonesia.  Welldone & Bravo Zulu to coach Rajagopal, staff & all players.

Back to business.  I mention about Mudajaya on last Wednesday from title WEDNESDAY (22/12/2010) - MUDAJAYA CASE STUDY & ALL ABOUT LAND.  Enough said, watch this.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


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I begin my learning about Volume when necessary indicators/oscilators i have known.  Volume play important part in pushing up the price higher or vice versa.    To make it simple, i watch closely on KIMLUN after successful trading of LANDMARK. I put my thought on the title WEDNESDAY (22/12/2010) - MUDAJAYA CASE STUDY & ALL ABOUT LAND. So, listen...

First thing prediction correct

Next, the study about the TEST

On Friday (24 Dis 2010), I snap the buying and selling volume pictures.  What is obvious to me is the TEST that have been done by the pros.  This is the    4 days of black candlestick in which many have sell their holding after retracement more than 50% of total length 2 white candlesticks from 17 & 20 Dis 2010, meaning flag formation not possible anymore.  Let see the TEST.. 



If u notice from evening, the maximum green and red bar is 2 bars but from the line 29, u can see the TEST of the market which somebody sell 1000 lots.  This been done to see whether the market still have individual who want to sell their holding.  True enough, after the TEST, not many sell their holding and the next day, price rebound. Watch here..

For tomorrow, i'm waiting for the KIMLUN to break strong resistance at 1.68. It must be done in gap up during opening or quick move upward.   After breakout, the price should thrust further upward. Next target as last posting is 2.06, but I'm happy if the price touch 1.90.  If u still do not understand,  look at LANDMARK chart below..


27 Dis 2010 The Edge Malaysia
KUALA LUMPUR: Kimlun Corp Bhd is one of the top-performing initial public offerings (IPO) for the year as shown by its share price rally.
 From its IPO price of 97 sen, the stock has gained 52.6% year-to-date to settle at RM1.48 last Friday. It achieved its highest ever at RM1.70 on Oct 12, and its lowest was 86.5 sen on July 2.
 Kimlun’s shares are trading at forecast price-to-earnings ratio (PER) of about nine times, based on consensus estimates, and at two times book, with net assets per share of RM76 sen. Its PER valuation is well below that of the broader market and large construction peers, although there are also some small construction players like Protasco Bhd that trade at seven times PER.
Trading in Kimlun’s shares is relatively liquid with the company’s free float estimated at 48.8%. Kimlun’s major shareholders are executive chairman Pang Tin, who owns 40.86%, or 93.67 million shares.
The Johor Bahru-based company, which focuses on property, infrastructure and heavy engineering projects, made its debut on Bursa Malaysia’s Main Market on June 29.
It is not too surprising that Kimlun’s shares are seeing an uptrend, similar with most construction stocks as they ride on the 10th Malaysia Plan (10MP) story.
What is interesting is that Kimlun has higher gross profit margins than most other construction companies which are usually in the single-digit region, noted MIMB Investment Bank.

The research house in a recent note said Kimlun, which derives 90% of its revenue from construction, is able to record higher margins at 11% to 12%
“On pre-cast concrete division, the gross profit margin is even higher at 20%,” said MIMB.
The research firm has a bull call on the counter with a target price of RM1.73.
MIMB also estimates Kimlun to see a revenue growth of 18% per annum for FY2010 to FY2012.
It expects revenue to be more geographically dispersed as the group has initiated cooperation with foreign agents to export more pre-cast concretes products.
The house also expects Kimlun to benefit from its exposure in Educity@Iskandar — a recent effort by the government to woo foreign universities to set up campus in Iskandar.

Notably, Kimlun was recently awarded a RM70 million contract from Malaysian Resources Corp Bhd to build the Marlborough College East in Iskandar Malaysia. The Marlborough College East contract involves the construction of main building works and the targeted completion date is January 2012.
It was also awarded a RM65 million contract from S P Setia Bhd for two blocks of 25-storey serviced apartments in Bukit Indah, Nusajaya, Johor.
MIMB held the view that Kimlun has a good shot in getting a portion of the RM30 billion Klang Valley mass rapid transit (MRT) project.
It noted that Kimlun has an established track-record of supplying pre-cast tunnel lining segment to a number of Japanese and South Korean contractors involved in the Singapore MRT line extension.

Hwang DBS in its September note cited that Kimlun is actively bidding for over RM1 billion worth of contracts in Iskandar.
Separately, it said Kimlun is also bidding to supply some RM160 million worth of pre-cast concrete products to the Singapore MRT project.
Notably, Kimlun’s RM33.8 million net cash position and order book of some RM650 million would provide visibility for its earnings in the financial year ending Dec 31, 2011.
Its CEO and director Sim Tian Liang told The Edge Financial Daily that as a prudent construction outfit, it has set a realistic growth rate of approximately 15% to 20% for 2011.
“This takes into account the variety of projects available in 2011 and our willingness to only undertake selected projects that can meet our risk-and-return profile, after weighing our resources and capacity,” he said in an email reply.
Sim said the company is fairly delighted with its achievements in 2010. Kimlun registered a net profit of RM26.58 million for nine months ended Sept 30, compared with a full year net profit of RM31.53 million for FY09.
“We are fairly confident in surpassing last year’s profitability barring any unforeseen circumstances,” he added.
Sim said with the progressive implementation of the 10th Malaysia Plan, it anticipates that 2011 will provide tremendous opportunities for Kimlun to secure a higher quantum of new construction contracts from the marketplace.

Apart from the MRT project in the Klang Valley, Sim said Kimlun is also eyeing the development of the RM10 billion Malaysian Rubber Board’s land in Sungai Buloh and the construction of hospitals, and 50 additional 1Malaysia clinics as well as construction of 78,000 affordable houses.

Pls watch KIMLUN tomorrow, maybe u learn something tonite.  Good luck.

P/S: My class still open for someone to improve his/her trading skill/knowledge.  TQ.

Monday, December 27, 2010

TUESDAY (28/12/2010) - 3 DAYS & COUNTING

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Not much to talk when KLCI closed below rm 1 billion in value.  Many traders temporary out of the market for Christmas & New Year holidays.  For hardcore trader like me, still carry on do what i like most, give my thought on TA..

Yesterday  I mention about mountain K2 & brother K1.  Today K1 closing  + 8 sen higher.  Magna also up, closing at 84 sen sitting confidently at strong resistance.   If open with gap tomorrow, next resistance should be 90 sen.  Gunung formed black doji, acc/dist down but need to see the outcome of tomorrow. 

There are  few counters for u to trade.  KLCI closed green today.  So, without further due...


Acc/dist look good, rsi rebound from "kiss of life". 


When u trading berjaya counter, need to be careful..


Rebound from 20 ma (moving average).  Strong support build up at 58 sen.

Good luck...

Sunday, December 26, 2010

MONDAY (27/12/2010) - 4 DAYS TO 2011

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I'm very happy for the end of December 2010.  Looking back at the fantastic year where i gain so much experience through the hardway of getting knowledge to trade like a pro. Browsing into internet and flipping the books in the need to master technical analysis but the most important thing is neglected ie. to master is my emotion during trading. There are a few step need to be taken to control my emotion in which i still in the process of testing it.

I welcome next year with intention to control my emotion & next focus should be based on the fundamental analysis.  Until then, let look the counters...


Breakout at 84 sen should be done  in quick and high volume.  Watch carefully tomorrow.


Scaling high montain.  Path of least resistance.


In Pakistan, there is K2 mountain.  This one K1.


Friday, December 24, 2010





Thursday, December 23, 2010


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Just came back from Kuantan after doing research for exhaust gases onboard big ship.  Today look weird when Adventa scaling very high (+74 sen) and break strong resistance at 2.55.  My opinion say maybe this time rubber gloves becoming hot again. It can be seen as all the rubber counters move in concert altogether and volume distribution also look tempting.  Let see....











Let see if tomorrow  MUDAJAYA break resistance at 4.62.  If break, it will be done in the fast and furious style with very high volumes and price bar will be higher.


15k - 15,000

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Hi All,

I will be going to Kuantan tomorrow, do a research about ship funnel & exhaust gases. So, have to depart in early morning. 

Lately I feel tired when only manage to sleep between 1 am - 2 am.   But that doesn't keep me stop posting.  I have few today, and i dont intend to buy since i now try not to jump here and there as i can.  Meaning, the more u jump, there is the risk u will fall many times.  Maybe u get small profit here, small profit there but at the end of the day, commission steal your capital without u realise it.  I hold 2 counters and at present will not sell it yet.

So, without further do, i present u below:



Show cup & handle patern, need to break 1.14, in which i think is easy when volume very high.  All indicators good. Many counters in steel sector move up eg pmetal, & kinstel.


If u see this 2 gaps (first: 2.11-2.16, second:  2.20-2.21), maybe u want to see the third gap next few days.  My advice, if u see the third gap, sell at the highest price that day and wait until the price down again to 20ma.  Good luck.

P/S: My class still open for training.  TQ

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Hi All, 

I'm not posting yesterday since i have been bz to prepare for meeting this morning.   Sorry, so let learn something about Mudajaya chart today.  I answer TKK question on 14 Dec 2010 about Mudajaya.  Below is the answer I take from the title Intraday Punter - My Friend Investment.

I observe Mudajaya, last time my favourite counter. After investigation by Security Commission (SC) few months before, Mudajaya show selling climax now. Rebound from support at 3.74, same level price during 5 august 2010 and resistance line at 14 august 2009. So I consider this 3.74 as resistance turn support. If break lower than 3.74, price will move lower. Above that, u making money. TQ.

December 14, 2010 12:50 AM

This is the Mudajaya chart.  I mark the date of 5 Aug  and 14 Dec 2010.  After 3 days waiting, Mudajaya show some interest from the traders on yesterday (20 Dec 2010) which try to break first resistance at 4.02.  On 17 Dec, u see very low volume (the down red arrow) which show very little interest from individuals and big buyer.  Yesterday, volume increased to the level 50ma volume, and the white candlestick formed given the price up +14 sen. And today Mudajaya blast to the sky with up + 36 sen (4.39 minus 4.03) with high volume.  Now the price look high, for 2 days, price scale 51 sen.  (4.39 - 3.88).  Everybody will say, "hey this is the down trend counter, why should u enter. Mudajaya need to formed highest low, highest high (HL-HH),  lowest low, lowest high (LL-LH) first before u start thinking to enter". 

Despite this +51 sen up in 2 days, there is 2 possibilities for Mudajaya.  First, the price still going up until it break resistance at 4.62.  Second, retrace a bit, forming flag may be 2-3 days and then push up again.  My thinking is Mudajaya maybe form the second possibility since to break the strong resistance as marking by 3 purple down arrows, it need to be very strong buying from institutional players supported by herds mentality during up surge.  So, let watch closely tomorrow.  For TKK, I hope u make a lot of profit this time.



If u do comparison between MUDAJAYA & KIMLUN, u will see the equivalent.  Let see if KIMLUN can break 1.68 tomorrow. 

As i promise, i will cover with LAND. 


IJMLAND in trend channel.  Have move up yesterday and today.  At the same time, break bollinger band and  closing price today at resistance  3.23, waiting to jump on opening tomorrow.  Terget price as shown in chart.


UEMLAND-CC have good volume today.  closing at 39 sen with white candle.  Resistance at 40 sen.  Wait until cross 40 sen before enter.  Acc/dist move up, MACD green and stochastic still good. Momentum start to move up.  Pls watch mother also.


Saturday, December 18, 2010


Hi All,

It seem next week O&G sector still hot & spicy lead by KENCANA, followed by DIALOG, DAYANG and many more.  At the same time, MMCCORP and GAMUDA live again.

O&G Sector


For 2 days Kencana add another +24 sen, just watch if it retrace a bit.  Somebody say target price 2.90.


Still have room to go, but when stochastic cross 80% line,  i loss interest with it. And I will wait until it retrace back to 20ma.


I watch DAYANG when KENCANA still charted historical high.  But this time, I could not just look, price DAYANG closed at 2.84, above bollinger breakout.  Next target 3.1. Projection price at 3.36.




Rebound from 20ma.  All indicators good.  Big news on MMC-GAMUDA JV for MRT today, tunneling part. 

KUCHAI (Volume Distribution) 

I get info from my friend, he said this counter will going up at rm 2.  As usual, i dont take the good news easily, but i study the possibility of this counter going up.  I enter Kuchai last week at 1.54 with 10.5 lots. Target price at 2.14.  This time, I put volume distribution just for u to see the insight of the buying by individual and big player.  So watch here....

I check Volume Distribution data on 12.20 pm 14 Dec 2010.  Still nil buying (BU = BUY UP) at  >  rm150,000, but below that a lot of interest from invidual and at 50k - 150k, it seem that they all look interested with this counter. 

5 days Volume Distribution,  BU seen more than SD (SD = SELL DOWN) at every level (except >150k).

10 minute chart (live chart)

I watch closely if the Kuchai price break 1.53 line on 15 Dec 2010

Then buy at 1.54.  I also informed my beautiful friends (Nicole Tan & Mrs Ooi Hong Kew) to buy.

Last Friday closing

Volume Distribution

17 Dec 2010

Is it easy to make money in stock market/KLCI??? Of course, not. 

P/S:  I have fixed the date and venue for training Jan next year.  If u interested, pls email me at  I only have 10 seats to be filled. TQ.