Monday, February 28, 2011


Hi All,

Last Thursday (24/2/2011), I get a chance to fly with new helicopter, Agusta Westland 139 to JB.  It takes only 1 hour 20 minutes to arrive there.  This helicopter can accomodate 11 pax nicely including pilot & co-pilot.  A bit cramped here & there, but the bird eye view of islands & towns look fantastico.  For u, I present the Shah Alam Stadium & Mosque (Malacca Town).

Shah Alam Stadium


Back to business.


Uchitec break bollinger band,  indicator all good but i watch my momentum.  Maybe tech sector start to move.


I'm looking at the acc/dist.  It seem to me a good bet even though Finance index still at bottom. 


I just like to have MBSB in the list.  Watch the chart.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Hi All,

During market retracement, I try to avoid writing the blog.  Why? It is not difficult to find good counters during downturn but the question should be asked is can these counters sustain for long time when 400-500 counters in KLCI in red. At the same time, lately I'm bit bz. Tomorrow need to fly to JB for a course, by a chopper.  I will posted the picture later.

It seem to me that KLCI do the small double bottom and start to show white candlestick.  All indicators look good eventhough MACD still below 0 line.  U don't need many counters to make money, let stick to 2 - 3 counters rather than 10 counters will less profit.  I very well understand the phrase "don't put all eggs in one basket"  but if u put all eggs in many-many baskets, your profit will be lesser & lesser & at the end of the year 2011, u only get break even.  It is not easy to control monitor many counters but 2-3 is sufficient.  So, let see the candidates...


Up 17 pts today, no news at all.  Maybe insiders get the info but not me.  Some of u may say this surge have achieved the limits, but I think differently.  My target should be 51 sen.


Look at RSI, kiss of live, long candlestick at bottom & MACD 4r1g.  U know that all u need to search for good counter.

I just like this counter.  Rebound from strong support, all indicators good except MACD still red.  Caution pls.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Hi All,

I'm arrived in Malaysia on last Wednesday.  It takes more time for me to clear my jetlag after 18 hours long flight from Seattle.  Since i'm away for 10 days, alot of works need to be done and i'm trying to tackle it one by one.  Today, i'm been honour to fly with executive jet, Falcon 900 jet from JCG. The JCG pilot fly the aircraft at 7000 meters before decending to the lowest 200 feet from the sea surface. 

Pulau Sembilan at altitude 200 feet

Executive Falcon 900 jet

Quiet scary when the crew tell me this aircraft is 20 years old & anything can happen in split second if something goes wrong at height of 200 feet off the ground.  We landed safely on 4.15 pm at KLIA. 

Move forward, let talk about business.  I have few counters for u to consider.


KPJ still not move but indicators show potentially move up in the next 2 days.  The best is acc/dist spike up and it is good if u enter at the lower price.  Two dragonfly doji tell all and Bollinger Band squeeze.  Just watch tomorrow.


If u know the power of gap & big volume, u will wish it will happen everyday to many counters.


Bollinger Band breakout after gap.  All indicators surge up.  Very strong indication of price going up further.

This evening, Asian market turn green including KLCI.  Even Dow jones turn green. So,... up to u.

P/S: Watch Dialog as this counter will give u money tomorrow. Profit 2nd Quarter increase by 25%.