Saturday, August 28, 2010


Hi All My Friends,

I look at CSCSTEL after scan through XP Trader, every indicator look good to me as follows:

1. MACD  4 red 1 green.
2. Stochastic oversold
3. Momentum almost cross above momentum ma.
4. Reverse at 50 ma support.
5. Acc/dist turning up.
6. RSI turning up.

When bear pressure or buy pressure in the last move before reverse, u will find that exhaustion gap will appear.  In this case exhaustion gap on bear pressure can be seen at price 1.74-1.73 which is pink line.

After that, it is follow by a doji (+ symbol) and then  confirmation was done by white candle.  If u follows this sequence, later on u will know the right time to buy and make your mind whether to buy or not.  Lastly, your stop loss is your friend.  Remember, buy at support, sell at resistance.  If i'm buying on monday (30/8/2010), i will queue buy at 1.74. TQ.

Look here.

1.  stop loss - red line
2.  exhaustion gap - pink line.
3.  profit target - 1st resistance (1.78), 2nd resistance (1.83) - blue line.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Hi Guys,

I'm looking at DRB-HICOM chart after sahur and see upside gap yesterday.  Checking on acc/dist shows that downturn became stabilised, and +DI &-DI moving upwards.  Stochastic, MACD and GMMA in the right position to go higher.  My intention today to buy at least 2 lots (2000 units) DRBHICOM and keep it at least one week.  If the price clear at 1.14, the the next resistance should be 1.22 and 1.27.  Be sure to put your stop loss in hand to avoid losses. 

The Edge Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR: DRB-HICOM BHD [] shares advanced on Monday, Aug 16 after the company said it would collaborate with Volkswagen AG (VW) on the assembly and manufacturing of the latter's vehicles in Malaysia at the former's plant in Pekan, Pahang.
At 3.15pm, DRB-Hicom was up nine sen to RM1.15. The stock was also among the most actively traded with 12.45 million shares done.
DRB-Hicom's group managing director Datuk Seri Mohd Khamil Jamil said both parties would jointly plan the production of VW models in Malaysia and this included strengthening VW's existing sales activities and market presence in the country.

Update (22/8/2010)

I just added 3000 units on Friday (20/8/20100 to my existing 2000 units on hold.  I expecting the DRBHCOM price will ticker up next week.  With the strong rebound of KLCI,  i don't see any reversal bearish indicator yet. So I stick to my plan and if DRBHCOM move up to 1.23 on Monday, i will add 5000 units more and ride the paper profit.  Be firm on stop loss, in order to safe your capital and sustain for longer time in stock market.  In this DRBHCOM case, I put my stop loss at 1.11.  When price touch 1.11, i cut loss. TQ

Here the chart.

Friday, August 20, 2010


Hi Guys,

Update on 5/9/2010

When I focus on something, i almost forgot about BOUSTEAD.  As time goes by, I realised that im not update this counter for long. And surely I lost opportunity to make money this time on Boustead.  Chart here speak for itself.  Make your comparison as per first chart below:

---disclaimer applied---

I'm very honoured when all of u join my website as members.  This friday i have figure out the Boustead chart and I think it will go higher on Monday.  The best time to enter Boustead is 19/8/2010.   ECMLibra put target price as 4.48 but i do not know forecast price  from other securities.  My cloud prediction as chart below.

Boustead wins RM1b jobs

BOUSTEAD Heavy Industries Corp Bhd (Boustead), through its subsidiary Boustead DCNS Naval Corp Sdn Bhd, has won contracts worth more than RM1 billion from the government.

The contracts are for the provision of “in service support” for the two Royal Malaysian Navy’s Prime Minister Class-Scorpene submarines until November 30 2015, Boustead told Bursa Malaysia yesterday.
One contracts is worth RM532 million, while another is valued at E193 million (E 1 = RM4.07).
Boustead said the contracts included a full submarine integrated logistics support package as well as tug boat services and the operation and maintenance of the shiplift, transfer system and submarine “umbilical services”.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


 My friends,

Update on 4/9/2010

LIONIND going up again on friday (3/9/2010).  I see nothing can stop it from moving higher when price break resistance at 1.73.  What u should do is buy at 1.74 then let it going up.  The only thing that u need to do is to sell when the candlestick show doji or shooting star which is normally happen when the price is on top of the hill.  I put the   target profit (TP) at 1.81, 1.89, 1.95 and 2.00.  U must set your selling based on which TP by looking at the volume, indicators and achieveable target. Check regularly on chart then make your decision.  I put this for your convenient and to safe guard u from unnecessary losses. Bear in mind that  DJIA up+127 pt on friday, so let the profit ride.TQ.

I check the STEEL SECTOR, look promising for tomorrow.  Below is my take for LIONIND for today closing (19/8/2010).

1.  Volume very high.
2.  4r1g.
3.  Stochastic move up.
4.  Acc/dist surge.
5.   Best position to buy based on MA.

I will post the day after tomorrow in CN.  Have a profit trading

--Disclaimer as usual, applied--

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Hi Guys,

I see some clear cloud on GAMUDA,  have potential to move further.  By today closing (17/8/2010), i dont think that shooting star have been formed since the shadow and the body of candlestick look the same length.  Just wait and see.

Update on 3/9/2010

GAMUDA -  closing high +3 sen today.  What a coincidence.  Going low as 3.54 then surge before closing to 3.61.  A new white candlestick was formed.  Acc/dist as usual move higher and everything just fine.  U need to read Theedgemalaysia today since good news coming our way.  On top of that, MRCB also charted another territory today.  Read here:

"KUALA LUMPUR: Hwang DBS Vickers Research (HDBSVR) expects the RM36-billion mass rapid transit (MRT) to drive the CONSTRUCTION [] sector, once it is approved and takes off.

The research house said the probability of it being approved is high as the recent subsidy cuts suggest political will.

A key turning point could be the outcome of two consultant studies in mid-September. This project could see Gamuda’s orderbook double and MMC’s triple, but all contractors will benefit given its sheer size.

“In terms of sum-of-parts accretion, we expect additional 26 sen per share for Gamuda and 17 sen for MMC. The MRT project also ties in with another anchor market theme – government land sales. We expect MRCB’s participation in the 3,400-acre RRIM land to give it pricing power beyond our assumption of RM300 psf,” it said.  "

Update on 2/9/2010

Why I need your attention? Why? Because MMCCORP going higher today.  What? MMCCORP?  Yes fren.  GAMUDA-MMCCORP have joint venture for MRT project.  It seem that goverment will make media statement as soon as possible.  I see GAMUDA not going down eventhough I can see profit taking and selling pressure play dominant role today.  If u saw the closing today,  GAMUDA still up +3 sen.  I'm not watching MMCCORP today but i believe MRT project will be awarded soon.  And guess what? MMCCORP get the almost 1/3 (RM 13 billions) of RM 36 billions for tunneling part in the project. U, i said, hold on to GAMUDA and increase your stake in MMCCORP.  Hopefully, u are the one that can get "tempias" of profit.  Good luck. Watch MMCCORP here:

Update on Gamuda (1/9/2010)

Gamuda closing today +9 sen, at 3.55.  First resistance 3.51 has been breached.  Next resistance should be 3.84.  Just hold on to the rhythm since tonite Dow Jones rally to 220 ++ points.  So,  have a happy time with GAMUDA. TQ


Update on Gamuda (31/8/2010)

GAMUDA, the company that proposed to the Malaysian Government about the planning & construction of MRT which will cost goverment hugh sum of money amounted to RM 36 billions.  On monday (30/8/2010), GAMUDA make a move and up 9 cents, volume on closing day show increased to 16.9 millions.  I  manage to buy at 3.40 for 3 lots but don't have  money to spend more.  I'm looking a lot of big player buy on that day, and time is running short for government to make decision to proceed with the idea or leave it for another year.  If government agree,  u will see the first resistant at 3.51 will be taken easily, then 3.84 and going sky high at 5.07 and later 5.65.  For time being, i'm happy with 6 sen profit and will be added my stake when 3.54 broken.  Watch here.

Update on Gamuda (28/8/2010)

I just come back from Phuket, Thailand today after exhausting ReCAAP seminar in hotel Milleneum.  I saw a potential on Monday (30/8/2010) to buy GAMUDA and my intention is to have at least 4 lots of GAMUDA.  I will buy at 3.39 and stop loss at 3.30.  Resistant at 3.50.  I'm sorry not able to update this blog since that hotel do not have free internet in the lobby and i need to pay quiet a large price for internet connection from my room.  Watch here.

Update on Gamuda (20/8/2010)

Wait for confirmation before buying Gamuda.  I observe the chart on 20/8/2010 (Friday), MACD histogram  still 2 red and no green yet.  Stochastic (stoch) & momentum pointing downward.  Doji formed almost at 20 MA support but u still need white candlestick for confirmation.  Play safe and be patient. Look here.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Diamond Bottom


A Diamond Bottom is considered a bullish signal, indicating a possible reversal of the current downtrend to a new uptrend.


Diamond patterns usually form over several months in very active markets. Volume remains high during the formation of this pattern.

The Diamond Bottom pattern occurs because prices create higher highs and lower lows in a broadening pattern. Then the trading range gradually narrows after the highs peak and the lows start trending upward. The Technical Event® occurs when prices break upward out of the diamond formation.

Trading Considerations

Duration of Pattern

Consider the duration of the pattern and its relationship to your trading time horizons. The duration of the pattern is considered to be an indicator of the duration of the influence of this pattern. The longer the pattern the longer it will take for the price to move to its target. The shorter the pattern the sooner the price move. If you are considering a short-term trading opportunity, look for a pattern with a short duration. If you are considering a longer-term trading opportunity, look for a pattern with a longer duration.

Target Price

The target price provides an important indication about the potential price move that this pattern indicates. Consider whether the target price for this pattern is sufficient to provide adequate returns after your costs (such as commissions) have been taken into account. A good rule of thumb is that the target price must indicate a potential return of greater than 5% before a pattern should be considered useful. However you must consider the current price and the volume of shares you intend to trade. Also, check that the target price has not already been achieved.

Inbound Trend

The inbound trend is an important characteristic of the pattern. A shallow inbound trend may indicate a period of consolidation before the price move indicated by the pattern begins. Look for an inbound trend that is longer than the duration of the pattern. A good rule of thumb is that the inbound trend should be at least 2 times the duration of the pattern.

Hi Guys,

I like James Bond 007 movie.  One of them is Diamond Are Forever.  Talking about diamond, i would like to introduce u about DIAMOND BOTTOM.  The characteristics as above but the real picture on CENTURY  below too late to enter since open gap up and SIME DARBY  yesterday (15/8/2010) is below.  Have a look and learn something. 

I see big player  accumulating SIME DARBY.  During break just now ( 16/8/2010 at 2 pm), the price of SIME DARBY  break the diamond bottom pattern (7.62 to 7.65) waiting to going up.  Have a look at big player buying. Here:

Friday, August 6, 2010


Update on 4/9/2010

Last Friday, Plus up +7 sen when price red  in the morning to the afternoon.  Before close, Plus doing magic show and the price turn green, (+7 sen) in which i regards as fantastico.   I look at the volume very high, acc/dist (+ve charted new high), stochastic overbought, momentum still good, rsi curving up, white candlestick ,  but the problem is MACD still in red.  I presume MACD will be temporary since other indicators look good.  I'm not encourage u to buy, but on monday I will take my chances to buy as PLUS will  give dividend 7.5 sen and the lodgement date is on monday (6/9/2010).  I provide u the chart, u make your own decision, i do mine.  As u know, the sentimen for PLUS now is the increase of traffic during raya festive season and their 3Q to 4Q announcement should be good.  Chart here. TQ.

Update (22/8/2010)

There is good news for PLUS last week.   Look here.

PLUS’ 2Q net profit up 14% to RM319m

KUALA LUMPUR: PLUS Expressways Bhd’s net profit for the second quarter ended June 30, 2010 (2QFY10) rose 14% to RM319.6 million from RM281.4 million a year earlier due to higher toll collection.

Revenue rose to RM859.7 million from RM772.3 million, up 11% year-on-year, while earnings per share (EPS) increased to 6.39 sen from 5.63 sen. PLUS declared an interim dividend of 7.5 sen per share for the financial year ending Dec 31, 2010.

Toll collection was 6.3% or RM38.5 million higher than in the immediate preceding quarter.

For the first half of FY10, traffic volume growth was 9.8% for PLUS, 14.2% for North South Central Link (Elite), 21.4% for The Second Link (Linkedua) and 10.8% for Butterworth-Kulim Expressway (KLBK).

Both net profit and revenue for the half year rose 11% to RM618.7 million and RM1.7 billion, respectively. EPS stood at 12.37 sen versus 11.2 sen.

“The traffic volume growth for the first half has shown significant improvement in line with the strong economic growth, coupled with a low traffic base in the first half of last year.

“We are confident that the group will end the year with a better performance than last year,” PLUS managing director Noorizah Abd Hamid said in a statement yesterday.

She said the group would venture into expressway operation and management including the provision of technical and consultancy services as well as toll operation and maintenance services to other highway operators, locally and abroad.

PLUS said during the first half of 2010, it completed three strategic acquisitions. They were Indu Navayuga Infra Project Pvt Ltd, the concessionaire for the 38.6km Padalur-Trichy Highway in India, Teras Teknologi Sdn Bhd, and a 20% stake in Touch ‘n Go Sdn Bhd.
Update (22/8/2010)

I have 4000 units of PLUS, buy at 3.74.  For time being, make a handsome RM1200 paper profit.  Intend to unload 2000 shares at 4.15 next week.  I also put trailing stop loss at 3.98, in case PLUS will going down further.  As  hari raya so closed, traffic surge on North South Highway will be evident.  My thinking is i will hold another 2000 units unless trailing stop loss will be breach.  Monday watchlist and bull:

3.  LHH.

I unload my 4000 units shares at target price 4.15 today, almost cash in rm 1600.00. Alhamdulillah. Just after sell it, the price goes higher to 4.17 and going down to 4.10, end of the day show doji candlestick. When doji candlestick at the highest level, it always show reversal point. So, i will wait for another opportunity. Another thing to consider is there may be exhaustion gap at 4.06-4.07 for the last push to the top before plunge to opening price. When exhaustion gap happen, possible retracement will occur soon.TQ
Update (24/8/2010)


---- Your buying and selling must be from your own decision, should not be influence by second party or third party.  I will not responsible for your loss and therefore u must be very careful when trading.  Trading is dangerous unless u take an effort to read and learn until such time u will be mastered by your reading and practice.  I take a great length to advise u because I have loss considerable amount of cash and will be recovered it if all my indicators pointing to the right direction. Disclaimer applied---

Hi All,

Not much to say when KLSE drop and blood red spread all over the market floor today.  Ramadhan will coming soon, people start to balik kampung for the celebrating  fasting month with lovely parent every week.  And this will increase the number of vehicles in Plus Expressway until Hari Raya Aidil Fitri.

"PLUS Expressways (PLUS) reported YTD traffic volume growth to June 2010 of 9.8% y-o-y for its core highways of North-South Expressway; New Klang Valley Expressway; Federal Highway Route 2 and Seremban-Port Dickson Highway. For the month of June alone, traffic volume was up by 10.1% y-o-y vs May of 7.6%. Its other highways of Elite, Linkedua and Butterworth-Kulim Expressway showed traffic volume growth of 14.2%, 21.4% and 10.8% respectively YTD"

Eventhough target price is 4.00, i believe the price will go higher during this month.  Just wait and see.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Investment Today

Hi Guys,

I'm investing in KLSE.  Today, i buying 1900 unit of Supermx at 6.13 at 2.37 pm.  Then i feel hungry, take lunch, going back to office and surprisingly saw Supermx going up to 6.24 before closing at 6.23 at 5 pm.  A safe bet certainly.  Last month the market going for uncertainty and making money in the stock look like a day dreaming.  A good move for today. I saw an opportunity with Plus.  Show sign of reversal with doji candlestick.   Need to confirm for tomorrow before entering. As u know, eventhough the world turn upside down, Plus still make profit.  So just wait for a right moment before going in.  TQ.