Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Hi Guys,

I observe for a long time that when PM going oversea, KLCI turning red and when PM going back, suddenly red now turn to green like a traffic light.   Next time when PM have some other visit, do take some measures in your trading.  So, for tomorrow, i see some counter worth to look at as below:



Monday, September 27, 2010


Hi Guys,

Today KLCI doing great.  And some counter doing great too.  Nothing related Bollinger Band with the war movie Band Of Brothers but here i provide u 2 different counters with 2 different sectors for tomorrow.  Watch below.



Note: I could not open the photobucket tonite, so couldn't provide the charts for u. Maybe tomorrow morning before market open, i will try to post it here. TQ.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

MONDAY (27/9/2010) - THE DAY AFTER DJIA UP 198 Pt

Hi All,

I think no point I keep silent for 1 month just because of stockquest competition.  The truth is stockquest competition will not achieve their mission since the top 7 list are the punters who buy thousands & thousands lots on KBUNAI and the first one reach rm 49,400 in a week. KBUNAI, after rumour will get the license for opening Resort Casino in Karambunai, Sabah is just a rumour.  KBUNAI normally traded up and down in half sen range,(last price 5.5 sen) surge to 18 sen on friday (24/9/2010) and monday will drop to the ground as a throwing stone.  In reality, when u trading with rm100k, u will not buy all the 100k for one penny stock like KBUNAI. The worst think is, it insult my intelligence and other expert traders out there. 

The best thing is since i'm not very keen on stockquest competition now, so i will continue to provide u with the best counter money can buy.  This monday, after Dow Jones up 198 pt, i see 3a, uchitec, maa in the process of going up.

So, have a look, set your Enter price (E - green line), Target Profit (blue line) and Stop Loss (red line). Enjoy.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Hi Guys,

I'm participate in the competition organised by ecm libra from today (20 Sep ) until 22 Oct 2010.  With that, as i mention before, i will not provide the forecast for any counter from today until the end of competition.  In the mean time, maybe i should provide the counter that i buy 3 days late.  With that, i hope u can trading without my help and i apologised for any inconvenience.  Pls look at your stop loss and target profit. TQ.



Friday, September 17, 2010


Hi Guys,

I find very difficult to update every counters that i have been posted before. I think it is easy for me to post the possible counter that move in one page rather than update every one of it and for u to read only one page for your trading.  So, monday (20/9/2010) a list is here:


Why I choose steel counter?  Obama announce stimulus plan on 6 Sept involving upgrading the transportation infrastructure, including road, rail, airport runways as well as the modernising of air-traffic control which cost USD 50 billions.  Due to that, Australian biggest steel maker, Bluescope Steel saw her share increase to 8.6 % in 8 days trading. And China steel producers experience the same increased in her shares. I choose PERWAJA since this counter show potentially to moved up on Monday. And pls do research to LIONIND, MASTEEL, SSTEEL, KINSTEL, ANNJOO, KIANJOO and other counter related to steel since on Tuesday (21/9/2010), Malaysia stimulus plan (131 project under PEMANDU) will be announce and lots of lots of steel  will be needed later. 


If u look at MACD & Stochastic indicators, nothing special with MMCCORP, but the acc/dist surge like no body business.  So, if u like this counter, u will also like GAMUDA.  Do study pls.


Thursday, September 16, 2010


Hi All,

I just came back from raya holiday.  For friday, my suggestion counter are AIRPORT & MRCB.   All indicators look good to me for Airport but for MRCB, MACD only red, no green yet.  U can check MRCB on monday.  I hope u will make profit this time.  For HSL, not much room to go, u have to enter at 1.72 but forecast target price only 1.77. Better choose other counter.  Pls check below:

Another one to consider is PEMANDU will announce next week for 131 project for the cost of USD 444 billion.  My feeling said MRT is one of them.  If that materialised, u will see GAMUDA &  MMCCORP will go higher.  For information, recently GAMUDA replace TANJONG in KLSE.  So, the GAMUDA price will tick up soon.  I have shares in GAMUDA and later will be buying the MMCCORP.  Read below:

KUALA LUMPUR: A total of 53 projects are in active consideration by the Government for potential investments worth US$97bil, representing 45% of the total investment value targeted under the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP).

Topping the list for 131 entry point projects (EPPs), which have an overall investment value of US$216bil, are seven potential investors that have shown serious commitment for EPPs worth US$37bil.
One of the key projects targeted under the greater Kuala Lumpur plan is the mass rapid transit rail proposal, the brainchild of MMC Corp and Gamuda Bhd.
Further details of the EPPs will be revealed on Sept 21, the open day for public feedback and consultation with Pemandu, the Performance Management and Delivery Unit in charge of coordinating and monitoring the ETP. Public sessions in Kuching and Kota Kinabalu will be held on Oct 4 and 7 respectively.

In the mean time, do look out for KFC and parent company QSR.  This counter will make u smile.  I wish i have more capital on first day before Raya, but only managed 6 lots KFC.  For 3 days, my profit is rm2500 +++ easily.  The price KFC before is RM 11++ before bonus and share split.  U can get the same profit when u take interest in KFC & QSR. 

I apologised for MUDAJAYA. I think MUDAJAYA in different league.  One day up then 2-3 days down now then up again, and it is same as DJIA, one day up, another day down.  But if u stick to your stop loss, u definitely minimal your losses.  Do research and study, not hesitated to cut loss when the price touch your cut loss point, be patient and let profit go higher, watch for candlestick shooting star and u could make your sleep better.  Salam sejahtera, Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin. 

Monday, September 13, 2010


Hi All,

My take today is MUDAJAYA.  This company have been submitted her statement for India IPP (Independent Power Producer) to SC.  As after raya progress, MUDAJAYA show potential profit as per my drawing chart.  Feel free to analyse and make your decision.  TQ

Friday, September 10, 2010


Assalammualaikum w.b.t and Salam Sejahtera,

I like to wish SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDIL FITRI (10/9/2010) to all muslims. For non muslims, safe journey during long holidays. 

I hope all of u get some profit for the last 2 weeks, but if u still loss during trading, my advice is to pay particular attention to accumulation and distribution indicator.  I'm sure u are not want to trade against big player.   I remember one phrase that say " if u cannot beat him, then u should join him".  By following the movement of acc/dist correctly, u are 60% confirm of your right decision whether to buy or sell of a counter.  Maaf Zahir dan Batin.TQ.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Hi All,
GTRONIC is not the best counter in electronic sectors, but based on acc/dist, it show that the phased of accumulation is in progress.  When price at the bottom and not moved up or down as shown on yesterday chart,  but acc/dist still going up,  u know one day that this counter will be going up for short technical rebound or for longer rebound.  And the beauty is it was trading below 200MA and cut loss very-very minimal.  So, my ESP as below.  Don't Enter until the price touch the ENTER price, otherwise u will stuck like SUNRISE. TQ.

E - green line

Stop loss -   red line

P - blue line

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Hi Guys,

This morning i got so many ym (yahoo messenger) that take a lot of my time to answer.  Early morning, i have work to do. Pls do ym me after 1.00 -2.00pm. I will not hesitate to answer your question.  I feel pity with u when u lost money. Some loss every trade, some loss everyday, some afraid to trade after losses.  So, take a look at SUNRISE, maybe u can do day trading.     I set ESP for u but disclaimer still applied.  This is my contribution to traders who loss their money in stock market including me.  Don't enter too much, as long u get profit, it is good enough.  I will put the DISCIPLINE IN TRADING later for u as a guideline.  TQ.

E (Enter)        - green line

S (Stop loss) - red line

P (Profit)       - blue line

Friday, September 3, 2010


Update on 4/9/2010

IJMLAND - on Friday (3/9/2010) i saw the price not moving so much but somebody (institutional player, big player, big shark, big manipulator - as u can say it) is accumulating this stock.  It cross my mind that price not going up but acc/dist break the last peak.  I suspect on Monday, IJMLAND will start moving higher and also for all the construction sector.  I not buying yet since last friday because the price not touch 2.27 and will be buying on Monday (6/9/2010).  Look at the chart below:

During Ramadhan, i'm not sleep after sahur.  What i do is take this time to put up my mind and  find a good counter so that u can trade better tomorrow.  I saw opportunity to make money this morning.  With DJIA closed 50++ point, I think it is a wise move to bu-y IJMLAND.  As u can see, i only use stochastic and MACD but i went to great length for put all the indicators for u to timing your bu-ying.  Enter at 2.27, Stop loss at 2.19 and target Profit as blue line.  I hope u will make profit this time and good luck.  May profit come this time for all of u.  

As a reminder, i will not publish from 22 Sept - 20 Oct 2010 since I was invited to participate in STOCKQUEST.COM by ECM Libra, so i hope u will understand my situation. In the mean time, i will take a lot of energy and effort to provide u the best counter that i think will make your life and your sleep much better.  Later on, if my forecast really good (I hope), i will invest some money to make presentable  website , so that it look more interesting and i can easily put TA + FA + indicators/oscillators/candlestick/chart pattern for learning purposes.  I invited any donation and pls be a member for this website by SIGN In Member on the left side. TQ

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Update on Friday (3-9-2010)

Hi Buddy,

Update for 3-9-2010

As i said before, TCHONG is the main player in automotive sector.  My suggestion to u who bought earlier is u hold until the price reach 5.25, than sell half or full.  MACD & stochastic still consider 50% fill and another 50% to go.  If u scared to hold that high, just sell at 5.20, then buy back later when the price break resistance.  Nothing to loss and u keep cash your paper profit.  Good day for u.  Watch here.

Did u like automotive sector?  Hmm such as Proton, APM, TChong and many more.  In this sector, as far as i concern Proton and TChong dominate the sector with such a big move when price going up.  Today (1/9/2010) I  focus on TChong when i see the parameters below look good:

1. Volume high.
2. MACD 4 red 1 green.
3. Stochastic oversold.
4. RSI kiss of life.
5. Acc/dist start to move up.

My suggestion to u, wait until the end of tomorrow before decided to buy.  One indicator to make judgement to buy or to sell was not there.  Not so good to buy tomorrow.  Be patient, your reward will be coming your way. TQ.