Monday, March 21, 2011


Hi All,

Quite long i'm not updating my blog.  I have a lot of works to do after going back from US, then in the few week fly again to Singapore for another course.  I rarely spend my time on the market, try to complete all the reports and so on.  At the same time, the market downturn all over the world make me cool a bit, waiting for rebound like today.  Now, it is time for u to see if u can make money.  Let talk about Pilihanraya Sarawak.

As expected, Pilihanraya Sarawak will be on the next month.  So today, u will see Sarawak counters rebound.  Of course, CMSB, HSL, TA ANN, ENCORP, KKB, DAYANG and many more will going up.  So, I put the chart below... 



If I look at Dayang, it show a gap at 2.00 - 2.03. To ensure bollinger band break, the price need to reach 2.12, it is +7 sen up if u enter at 2.05. But Oil & Gas still in the top form right?? 


Some people look at the glass half empty, I look the glass half full.  If u see the gap and followed by the inverted hammer (black or white), I'm sure u will not buy this counter.  This is for u to observe tomorrow until the end of this week, whether it will rebound or just closed the gap. 


KKB show the same symptom, a gap and white candle.  Target price on the chart.

This company belong to Dato Sri  Effendi Norwawi, a Sarawakian and husband of Malaysian actress, Tiara Jaquelina. This counter just break bollinger band today and all indicators look good. And if u observant enough, u will see the double bottom pattern.


P/S: Actually so many counters show the sign of rebound.  U will see some double bottom pattern at strong support. Don't buy TAANN becoz this counter already move before. If u like HWGB, it look good now after break 20ma today.  Olympia also show same pattern with HWGB, so put it in your list.  I try to make some profit with cheap counters like BORNOIL. Dow Jones up +195 pt at 10.38 pm tonite.  So it is easy to predict what will happen to KLCI for tomorrow. TQ.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Hi All,

If u happen to go to Seattle for holiday/courses/work, don't waste your time for shopping (u can do it later anyway), walk yourself to PIKE PLACE MARKET. This market is so special for seafood, especially for Dungeness crab and King Crab leg (I call King Crab sepit). This crab big in size and a bit expensive (USD 17 dolar per crab).  Each crab can provide lunch for 2 pax.  So, have a look....

Look at my friend face

Back to business.  Let take a look at KLCI & Finance chart.



What can u see from these 2 charts? Double bottom? Or rebound from bottom? Acc/dist same pattern? RSI rebound from 30% line? Hammer candlestick with white candle confirmation?  I wish double bottom can be established from here.  Next, is to find the counter to trade by using 30% volume increase from Chart Nexus & stock screener from TradeSignum.


Long white marubuzu cross 20MA line, RSI kiss of live, MACD green, stochastic oversold, & many more. Pls check yourself.. 


I saw a gap on Mediac, try to break bollinger band tomorrow & resistance as per chart.