Sunday, October 31, 2010


Salam Sejahtera and Good Morning,

This week i'm very bz when oversea student visit Malaysia.  But that couldn't stop me from carry on with my hobby, ie prediction.  This monday, i like to watch AXIATA, IJMLAND, YTLE, GOODWAY and SUNRISE.


Acc/dist curving up, rsi "kiss of life", stochastic oversold, MACD green, volume above 30% increase and candlestick white hammer.


Stochastic near 80%, acc/dist picking up, MACD green, volume high, candlestick bullish engulfing and waiting for the bollinger band break out.  


YTLE show green MACD.  White candlestick, volume increase 30%, stochastic & rsi ok.  Look here.  Wait for it to clear 1.53, then up to u.  If compare with last uptrend,  it is a lot of money.


I see this GOODWAY potentially moved when acc/dist surge high and last friday price closing at resistance.  MACD green, rsi good and stochastic also good.  Pls watch on monday.


There is 3 news today inside the Edge Malaysia which focus only on SUNRISE.  With bollinger breakout stand at closing price on last friday, I could imagine that SUNRISE will easily take resistance at 2.42 this week. 

Today (1-11-2010) closed

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Thursday, October 28, 2010


Hi All,

Today i'm very bz doing course in KK.  Not much time to spend for checking the KLSE. I have posted KIANJOO before, today closing +8 sen.  Maybe tomorrow will still be going up.  U may want to look back into YTLPOWER, UNISEM, HSL and CIHLDG.


I spotted white candlestick hammer at very strong resistance, 2.35.  If resistance break, u bet on 2.36.  Acc/dist spike up, stochastic up, bollinger band squeezeeeeee.  Today there is one news on YTLPOWER preparing launching 4g Broadband on 18 Nov.  So, look here...

Today closing

Last prediction


Rebound near support with inverted hammer.  This is the sign of bullish.  MACD green, stochastic very2 oversold, I bet on it today.  Just wait for tomorrow outcome.


Just jump on strong resistance (1.82) today moved up +3 sen above.  Next resistance at 2.00 and u dont want to know the year of that resistance.  Don't tell anybody please... year 1997

Tomorrow evening, I will go to Pulau Gaya Resort and have a good dinner before going back to hotel.  I'm enjoying my time here with some profit from CIHLDG and LIONFIB.  I still hold on to CIHLDG, take profit from LIONFIB after break gap support and u have to check why i still keep my bet on CIHLDG. TQ.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

TUESDAY (26/10/2010) - THE BZ DAY FOR ME

Hi All,

I'm very sorry for not updating the blog last nite.  I have been bz for preparing to visit KK, so this is my quickly thought. 


Yesterday close at resistance, strong resistance at 1.54.  Yesterday doing gap up during opening at 1.50.  If today opening at 1.54, i think it will break resistance and going up.  U can enter at 1.55.


Yesterday show strong gap up (+2 sen) with white candle.  Break the older resistance at 1.43, the next resistance at 1.50

Last friday (29/10/2010)


Strong gap up near support.  Long time moving sideways.  Bullish sentimen will be seen if break resistance (long long time) at 77 sen.  Next resistance, u will be smiling.

Last Friday (29/10/2010)

I should go now. Good luck.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Hi All,

I'm completed reading about Candlestick short term pattern (from RECOGNIA) and GAP play.   It is interesting part to formulate when to make decision to E-nter and deciding when the right time to P-rofit (to sell).

The study of the gap play have been conducted more than 100 years by the Japanese.  "Gaps have always played an important part in technical analysis.  The movement away from the previous trading range signifies an extraordinary shift in investor sentimen.  This shift can be more in the same direction as well as a complete reversal of the existing trend.  Most important is that a gap has many ramifications - Stephen Bigalow".

Gap play need u to hold long rather than intraday traders or short term traders.  But the benefit of gap play are u save money on commission and give u extra advantage when combine with candlestick short pattern.


I think there is potential profit form STAR later.  On 13rd Oct 2010, STAR gap up +16 sen and closed at 4.04.  What i'm looking now is if the price break support at 4.04 and if broken, the next support is 3.96.  I will see if the price will fill the gap or not.  If rebound at 3.96, then it is the best time to enter.


Just rebound from gap support at 3.19 and formed doji.  The next day, gap up and another shooting star forming.  It is normal after gap up, crowd doing profit taking and candlestick turning black or shooting star, but the bullish sentiment can be seen through the gap up.   Monday, KFC should going up.  So, the target price at 3.36 & 3.46. 

I also pay attention to LIONFOB, AXIATA, HARTA.  Pls check yourself.

Friday, October 22, 2010


I have written SUPPORT in my blog last Friday (15/10/2010). My target price very high at 3.09. By looking at it now, SUPPORT have been moved +25 sen from the based projected when the highest today is 2.54. The price maintain above upper bollinger band and the volume still strong. Way forward, i hope SUPPORT can reach my target at 3.09 or if reach 75% from my target, I will be satisfied.  And i make a comparison with CIHLDG, and it look same pattern but different counters.

TODAY (21/10/2010)

LAST FRIDAY (15/10/2010)


This counter is the same pattern with SUPPORT. My fren tell me this company business is all about soft drinks (PEPSI, Twister, and macam2 soft drinks). I see  RSI kiss of live, bollinger band squeezeee, MACD  Green. Good luck.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Hi All,

KBUNAI show shooting star this evening. Managed to clear my holding stock today.  I focus on rubber counters.  There are KOSSAN, TOP GLOV, SUPERMX, ADVENTA, LATEXX, RUBBEREX, IRCB. Yesterday and today it look like that all counters break bollinger band.  I have buy KOSSAN this evening and hoping to take profit on Friday.  As u know, i'm practice to buy after price cross upper bollinger band and it must be 1 point the highest price today.  So,... i give resistance only since u know where to buy it. Enjoy








Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Hi All,

I hope u make some profit from KBUNAI.  Eventhough the price still below as i expected, resistance at 25 sen have been taken today.  My expectation tomorrow KBUNAI inching up another 2-3 sen.  I still interested with steel and cement counter.  Last month all newspapers talking about construction company, but now they whisper building materials.  So, steel and cement become hot and spicy for at least 2 weeks to 1 month.  And as a good "sesumpah", if environment turn green , your "sesumpah" body should change to green.  This is what we call SECTOR ROTATIONAL. So,...


Orientation chart:  Acc/dist spike up,  MACD histogram green, ADI up, momentum up, MACD green, the problem are rsi above 70% line and stochastic above 80% line (overbought).  So u need to be careful. 


This is one of the cement counter show doji at support, acc/dist good, MACD green, stochastic good, rsi pointed upward.  Since the volume low, maybe u need to look tomorrow before u trading LMCMT.   


I added LIONCOR diamond bottom courtesy of Recognia for u to look, hopefully u get some profit from this chart.  In the chart pattern, diamond bottom will show highly possible for u to make profit.  There are few patterns such as upside breakout, assymetrical triangle, double bottom and so on.  Pls do your study.

In the mean time, i'm also watching DIALOG, KFIMA, SUNRISE and SUNREIT

I hope my effort make u profit. TQ. 


Hi All,
From budget 2011, counters that will be hot are from steel & cement.  Steel counters as follows: ANNJOO, KIANJOO, PMETAL, CSCSTEL, SSTEEL, MASTEEL, LIONIND, and many more in which maybe i forget.



This counter is for u to watch tomorrow since all indicators show no signal for buying yet but i see bollinger band squeeze, acc/dist about to going up, touching 20ma support.  If tomorrow closing with white candlestick, be ready for wednesday.  Watch

Cement counters as follows: RCI, QUALITY, YTLCMT, TASEKLM CEMENT. I still couldn't find good cement counters for trading tomorrow.  So, i replace it with YTLPOWER.


This counter will be shine soon.  Next month WIMAX 4G will be out, next year pay-TV will also be available.  Orientation chart,  doji formed near upper bollinger band and ready to rock tomorrow.  Volume high, stochastic climbing, MACD positive.  My intention to buy tomorrow but must see the 10 minute life chart for 30 minute before deciding next move.  So, dont forget your stop loss.   Enjoy...

Pls trade carefully and do study before u jump into any conclusion.  Do check your commission so that u will know how much profit u must make in order to clear for remisier payment or when u trading online.  I gone through the hard way ie losing money in the market before and hopefully u won't repeat my experience.  Trading is risky business unless u master the tading discipline, control  emotion and keep reading stock market books. TQ 

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Hi Guys,

Last week, i do some study into KBUNAI in which if rebound will give profit substantial amount of money.  So look here...


KBUNAI now become money making counters. When the closing prices last Friday 18.5 cents and with  the confirm next project valued at rm 3 billions, it is simple a calculation.  That prices will sprint to the next resistance. First one at 25 cents need to be violated, then next is 35 cents.  And monday, u will smile to ears if u have buy KBUNAI on last Friday.

RSI kiss of live created  on last thursday, this time very strong.  Stochastic crossing and pointed upward. Acc/dist in good condition, lots of volume and lastly, good luck.

Industry: Properties

Company website

Karambunai Corp Bhd is a Malaysia-based investment holding company engaged in the provision of management services. It operates in four segments. Management services, venture capital and investment holdings and others segment provides various services, including investment holding, provision of management services, information technology, consultancy and money lending. Property development and construction segment consist of property development, construction and project contractor. Leisure and tourism segment includes travel and tours agency, golf and country club operation and management, and resort hotel operation and management. Trading segment includes trading of wood products and purchasing and sourcing of timber for sale. On October 7, 2008, the Company acquired 60% interest in Beribu Ukiran Sdn Bhd. On November 4, 2008, Ikhlas Perdana Sdn. Bhd., a subsidiary of the Company, acquired 30% interest in Composites Technology Development Corporation Sdn. Bhd.

source: tradesignum


Rebound last friday, now need to clear 1.27 before next resistance 140 & 1.49.  Chart orientation, volume very high,  acc/dist will need to clear last peak, stochastic inching upward, MACD histogram green..  My advice if u want to buy, price must need to cross 1.27.


Double bottom have been confirm after crossing resistance line 99.5 sen, now turn as strong support.  Do look out whether this support will be violated when trading.  All indicators still good, volume high, but i only interested with acc/dist this time.

I think it is enough for monday prep.  To much counters to choose will clutter your thinking and difficult to make decision.  Good luck, try to profit as much as u can, remember stop loss and TQ.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

FRIDAY (15/10/2010) - BUDGET 2011

Hi Guys,

Only 2 counters i interested tonite.  One is SUPPORT, another is FABER.


Doing bollinger band breakout today after resistance easily taken at 2.34.  I have projected the price to 3.09 and if u think this target mission impossible, u can draw half to take profit.


This is another bollinger band waiting to break the upper band line.  I notice the period of uptrend and the period to cool off before rebound back is equal.  So, tomorrow i will wait the price cutting 20ma resistance before moving upward to breakout.  Look here...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Salam Sejahtera & Good Evening,

Today i managed to take small profit on PLUS.  In fact, my target first price at 4.60 and still 14 sen to go.  Next target would be 4.84.  For tomorrow, let focus on the real counters that will benefit from the PM budget announcement.


Today waiting Bollinger Band breakout in which the price will cross 3.98 tomorrow with high volume.  Acc/dist, rsi, stochastic move in the same direction upward, MACD green and price rebound  fro 20ma support.  Not much to say since i have voices out this counter for the last 2 months, with FA strong and TA speak up from the chart, the best u can do is...... i leave it to your judgement.


MMCCORP rebound from support 20ma.  Volume very high, rsi and stochastic good, acc/dist just standby to take off.  if GAMUDA still move up yesterday, i think MMCCORP will be following. 


This is straight forward, government award 3000 acres land in Sg Buloh to be develop by MRCB.  On top of that, there is rumours that MRT project will also involed land belong to MRCB.  So, pls check the chart.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Hi Guys,

I'm enjoying my birthday yesterday and i have candlestick lite dinner with my lovely wife.  So, i'm sorry for not posting yesterday.  For tomorrow, i have a few counters that maybe u will be interested such as PLUS, UNISEM, SAPRES and SUNRISE. Here, i want to say congratulation to my genius fren, AUSTIN GOH KOK YEO who manage to take 2nd place today in ECM Stock Quest Competition.  His dedication to this competition will be pays off in 22 Oct 2010.  Good luck fren. 


I have enter at 4.17 yesterday, now closing at 4.27.  Looking at indicators, i saw the price piercing Bollinger Band, acc/dist pointed upward, stoch & rsi  good and volume very high.  If i refer to the last price projection, next resistance should be 4.80 but up to u to decide.


Last time, I really pay intention to the tech sector since i gain profit from counters like JCY, NOTION, ENG and UNISEM. This day, UNISEM look attractive since doji candlestick at support and white candlestick for confirmation, rsi & stochastic look good, momentum and ADI on the positive note, andlastly volume  gradually increasing for tomorrow.  I notice many times that the same candlestick like today will be forming before the price rally to the next resistance.  So, u on your own decision..


I like to mention here SAPRES have kiss of live, touching line 30%  before rebound, stochastic oversold, acc/dist move upward, and volume very high.  One thing to highlight is SAPRES today show very strong white hammer candlestick.  If i have more money, i do not need to think twice to buy it.  Lastly, the support line i guest very strong at 90 sen but i also not hesitate to cut loss at 89 sen.  Do not take my advice to the max, but u must do some study from TA, FA, or maybe take some advice from Jesse Livermore, so that u will understand more on  the crowd physchology.  TQ.


I like sun rises in the morning, and I like trading SUNRISE.  Today show doji near support.  Still not good to trade tomorrow but i presume Thusday (14/10/2010)  will be ripe to trade.  

"Sunrise Bhd, a Malaysian developer, was upgraded to “buy” from “hold” at Maybank Investment Bank Bhd.
The company has enjoyed “better-than-expected” sales, analyst Wong Wei Sum said in a report today.
She raised her share price estimate to RM2.80 from RM1.98, according to the report.--Bloomberg"

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Hi All,

I have been dreaming about having LRT which will have connection from KL to Damansara to Puchong to Kajang/Bangi area.  So i put a comment in Tun Mahathir website ( on 25 Nov 2009.  U can read below.

For checking the originality idea:

1. open
2. click on Oct 2009
3. open page Buses For Rapid KL
4. Look at comment no.2.

This is so amazing that after i put my thought, somebody copy my idea, do possibility study in 9 months (Nov 2009 - July 2010) then come out with the proposal for MRT project that amounted to RM 36 billion (full project at a cost of RM 50 billion)  without consent that this is my idea that i write it in 4.32 am on 25 Nov 2009.  I believe my idea is valued at RM 10 millions.  It is small money compare to RM 50 billions that GAMUDA/MMCCORP proposed.

Saturday, July 24, 2010, 01.34 AM

Below is the news by NST that cover the MRT Project.  Read my comment on chedet website and the news by NST.  And u will know why im so interested with GAMUDA, MMCCORP and KIMLUN. TQ.

By Kang Siew Li and Jeeva Arulampalam

KUALA LUMPUR: A special task force has been set up within the Cabinet Committee on Public Transport to study a proposal for a new three-line mass rapid transit
(MRT) system costing more than RM30 billion.

Sources told the New Straits Times that Gamuda Bhd and MMC Corp Bhd had submitted a joint proposal to the government for a new MRT system to improve public transport in the Klang Valley.

While it aims to integrate the monorail and light rail transit (LRT) systems, the MRT lines will also connect the northwest and southeast of the Klang Valley.

The committee is chaired by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

It is understood that one of the lines will run through Sungai Buloh, Kota Damansara, Kuala Lumpur and Cheras until Kajang. Another line will connect Sungai Buloh, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur and Serdang. The third line will loop around
believed that Malaysian Resources Corp Bhd may have to redesign an upcoming development to facilitate this MRT line.

“The MRT lines will be mostly underground with stops every 500m to 1km in high-traffic areas like the Golden Triangle in Kuala Lumpur. The concept is similar to the MRT systems in Hong Kong and Singapore,” said a source



There is no indication for confirm rebound of GAMUDA except it is trading at 20ma support and forming of doji candlestick.  It is wise to wait for tuesday before u trading.  Another thing is 15 Oct 2010, budget 2011 will be presented by PM, so watch carefully on Monday.   


White doji candlestick at 20ma support, vol 50ma high, stochastic presentable, momentum good, acc/dist about to going up, the only problem is MACD histogram still red.  So, if up 10 sen on monday, i figure that u can bet it.  Stop loss should be handy in case u need it. 


My advice for u, KIMLUN have charted new historical high, MACD green for so many days, stochastic at oversold, momentum also high.  A bit risky if u want to trade on monday or tuesday since crowd definitely will take profit on KIMLUN and put it in GAMUDA or MMCCORP.  Look here..