Thursday, April 26, 2012


Hi All,

Yesterday i wrote about JCY, today seem like doji on top, ready to go down.  All the target price range have been hit and the highest today 1.62.  I predict 2 target price ( a mistake actually) on Trade Signum for JCY. First at 1.59 and another one at  1.50. So, look like  one stone kill 2 birds. So,...

First Things First

Today I'm not interested with JCY (meaning I wait until it break below 20ma support).  But after a long observation, I put TSH under my sonar.  Why??? Look below...

 First Things First

2 Feb 2012

9 Feb 2012

13 Apr 2012

TSH now above 20ma and today have a gap up meaning price may going up again. To make yourself clear,  watch this....

August 2009 till now (Big Picture)

Dis 2011 till now (intermediate picture)

 1 April 2012 till now (short picture)

So, with all the pictures above, now is the  time for u to sit on adirondack chair and see your profit grow everyday.  Good luck and.....

Happy Trading!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Hi All,

I write  on JCY on 21 Mac 2012, keep telling price will going up.  Put a target price for JCY on Trade Signum. But how many of u will accept my idea???  And of course after i put forecast on blog, JCY price drop on the next day.   So,

21 Mac 2012

Today 24 Apr 2012

First Things First

The above target added 20% increased in your pocket + another 7 sen since  JCY closed  at 1.57.  Now u see, resistance turn support at 1.50 and by looking at the stochastic above 80% the price will drop in a few days.  So be carefull when chasing higher price.  Look below...

U see my forecast on JCY.  For 1 month u can gain so so much.  Now, put BIMB on your watchlist. 
Last But Not List
I have limitation on chart manipulation (meaning how to draw, writing on chart & so on) but since I go for long term and follow the trend, I'm will not searching many counters to do day trading as i do before.  Pls bear with me and  the above chart (slow stochastic chart)  will definitely help me in providing Target Price Range.
With that, good nite & ...
Happy Trading!!!
P/S:  Anybody want to provide me with Metastock chart, u are most welcome. Tq.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Hi All,

I have write about YHS before on title  GIVE YOUR BEST SHOT.  It is not that I claim I'm good but let me tell u something that similar to Warren Buffet.  Warren Buffet bought a counter that he can understand and leave the one that he doesn't not understand such as companies. So he buy Coca Cola for the price of USD 1 billion, and for a few years later Coca Cola valued at USD 10 billion.   Now, Coca Cola can be seen many places as    7-11, small groceries shops, restaurant, vending machines, mamak stalls and everywhere.  It is easy to understand that u and me need to drink every day & everytime and so does to other people. 

Put aside Warren Buffet and Coca Cola, u need to know what is the business of YHS or Yeo Hiap Seng.  If u still don't know what YHS doing, the answer is above which sell something that u need to drink when u thirsty.

So, this is the chart....

I put warning on 15 Mac 2012

Then next warning 30 Mac 2012

Now, today closing  20 Apr 2012

So remember, when u thirsty, u need to drink and the best bet for your money should be company that sell drinking water. 

Ermmm... if u buy on 15 Mac 2012, at least u have profit +/- 30 sen in 5 weeks. 

With that, good nite and...

Happy Trading!!!

P/S:  Imagine your 1 liter mineral water is more costly than 1 liter petrol for your car. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Hi All,

It seem my trading is over when I don't have chart to used but... u dead wrong.  My chart stop on tuesday so unable to update.   Sometimes u lost one to get another better one.  So, my advice, don't panic if u don't have chart.  Chart can help u  so so much but your discipline is much more important.
This time,  I used different chart and pls bear with me.  That all I have and live must go on.
BIMB (today)
20 moving average

BIMB sitting nicely on 20 ma line.  Have a bullish engulfing today, a strong indication to move up.  Support at 2.25 and resistance at 2.46.  Cross above mean  price willl going up further.



Another bullish engulfing today.  First resistance at 1.55 and another one at 1.66. 


Sighting hammer at bottom.  Keep on your watch list. Support at 1.94.  Resistance at 2.17, then 2.30

That all I have today where actually i want to put more here.  My suggestion to u is to keep the counters where when touch 20ma line, rebound again.  That counters always find a new high and your profit keep increased.  Not many there,  but one of them is BIMB.  Good nite and .....

Happy Trading!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Hi All,

Siaran terlewat.  Last nite I have dinner with my old fren from HQ.  So come back late and feel sleepy.  Try to take a nap but terbabas until this morning.  I'm watching MUHIBAH quite sometime and also take interest with PERISAI.  Since both in Oil and Gas sector,  this 2 worth to look....

2 APR 2012

2 APR 2012

Did u see the similarity between 2?  1 have moved up (MUHIBAH), the other one in the making (PERISAI).

To make it more interesting, look here at 9.46 am

Good Luck and ......
Happy Trading!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Hi All,

KLCI will break 1597 resistance on Monday (tomorrow).  It just 1 point below resistance.  At the same time 1600 look easy to breach since there is gap below.  It is advice u look into counters where u can go for long term so that u can save on commission and time to go in and out. This is the example that  I  took interest, so have a look.


15 Mac 2012

Last Friday

30 Mac 2012


CIMB target price at 1.87. There is potential that Unisem will going up soon.

2 Mac 2012

Last Friday

30 Mac 2012

I think that is sufficient for Monday.  With that, good nite and ......

Happy Trading!!!