Thursday, March 21, 2013


Hi All,

Everyday i get at least 2-3 email from Anonymous to tell me pls come back and write something. There are also a few people who like to request for me to write for them. Tq for all your effort for the last few months. My job now is different from the last. As a sailor, i can't keep writing every day but it may possible in once a week.  Topic may be varies but the main idea is to share the knowledge where u and me can learn some subject on share trading.
I see the future of share market now (in Malaysia) depend on the outcome of the vote on PRU (Pilihanraya Umum) 13 in few weeks whether the goverment lead by Barisan Nasional (BN) will win or  will be replace by the Opposition Party. If BN still win, the stock market will jump into a new high based on Government Transformation Program that really working right now.  If Opposition win, there are some possibilities that every body will take step aside action and watch closely  before deciding to trade.  That is my opinion and pls don't angry with me if u have different opinion.
With that, i conclude my writing for tonite. Good nite &....
Happy Trading!!! 

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